Networking between LIFE ARIMEDA and LIFE AGRICLOSE in the experimental farm of La Melusa (Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro).

On October 25, a meeting between the LIFE ARIMEDA (@lifearimeda) and LIFE AGRICLOSE projects took place in the experimental farm of La Melusa managed by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro (CHE). Both projects focus their activities on the development and demonstration of new techniques for sustainable manure management.

During the day, technicians of the LIFE AGRICLOSE project had the opportunity to visit the demonstration fields in which LIFE ARIMEDA has carried out the first harvest campaign of corn fertilized with liquid fraction of slurry through innovative fertirrigation techniques (centre-pivot and drip irrigation).

In the same way, technicians involved in the development of the LIFE ARIMEDA project had the opportunity to know in detail the foreseen activities in the framework of the recently initiated LIFE AGRICLOSE project.

The exchange of experiences was of great interest to both teams and many synergies and collaboration opportunities were found.

The CHE technicians, in charge of the management of La Melusa, who collaborate actively in the LIFE ARIMEDA, served as great hosts and participated with interest in the discussions that took place throughout the day. They shared the history of the experimental farm with the attendants and expressed their interest in initiatives such as those promoted by both projects.