The project


The main LIFE ARIMEDA project results expected are:

  • Ammonia emission reduction rates over 50% in surface pivot center systems and over 90% in subsurface drip systems combining four low-emission manure spreading measures: rapid incorporation techniques, solid/liquid separation, dilution in irrigation systems and a timing management system.
  • Particulate matter reduction rates over 34% due to the ammonia emission reductions achieved with the fertigation techniques.
  • N efficiency increase up to 85% using timing management systems adapted to crop requirements and minimising losses.
  • Management of 11,661 m3 of pig slurry in Spain and 4.043 m3 of digestate in Italy during the project.
  • Replacement of 27,636 kg of nitrogen from synthetic fertilizers, which has an estimated production impact in climate change of 169 t CO2/year. The benefits are intensified by the fact that fertigation techniques enable to carry out topdressing with slurry liquid fractions and split dressings according to the timing of crop needs.
  • Transference of the techniques demonstrated to 87 ha during the project in regions with similar characteristics in the surrounding areas.
  • Increase awareness among stakeholders towards the benefits of applying low ammonia emission techniques and support in the technical transference of this techniques.

All the results and knowledge acquired through the project will be gathered in three end-products:

1. Transferability Platform

This platform made up of all entities interested in participating in transference will engage key stakeholders in the Project activities, guaranteeing the compliance of the strategy proposed with the sector needs through the development of cost-effective techniques. One of the core objectives is to generate new business opportunities. The members of this platform will assume the role of promoting these measures in similar areas providing supportnecessary and putting in practice the lessons learnt.

2. Good Practice Guidelines for Fertirrigation

This document will gather all the knowledge acquired during the project to replicate efficiently these techniques in other farms.

3. APP

This software application will make the dissemination of the knowledge gathered in the Good Practice Guidelines easier for the final users: farmers and technicians specialised in the sector, suppliers and SME working on irrigation and manure management.

All the know-how is compiled in technical documents.