First performance of the LIFE ARIMEDA Transferability Platform on La Melusa

On February 13, the first knowledge exchange activity took place in the experimental farm of La Melusa (Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro) within the framework of the LIFE ARIMEDA Transferability Platform. On this day, members of the project (CITA and REGABER) and technicians from the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation and the LIFE AGRICLOSE project exchanged opinions and discussed about fertigation practices.

The morning began with a brief presentation of the experimental farm of La Melusa and the LIFE ARIMEDA project (activities, objectives and first results) and continued with a field visit in which the main aspects of the implementation of these techniques according to the experience acquired so far were explained to DARP and IRTA technicians. Interest and discussion focused on drip irrigation facilities. REGABER had the opportunity to discuss with the attendees the balance of this first year of work highlighting the most critical aspects in its implementation.